Taking orders for March Delivery


100 pounds $11.00 a pound


15 pounds of our prime steaks 

Tenderloin filet

Bone in Ribeye steak

Bone in New York Strip Steak


35 pounds Specialty Steaks Roasts & Ribs


Flat iron steak 

Skirt steak (carne asada)

Flank steak

Round steak- boneless tenderized

(cube steak-great for chicken fried steak)

Chuck Steak

BBQ ribs 

Bone in top Sirloin Roast

Sirloin Tip Roast 



Tenderized Round Roast

Tenderized Chuck Roast


50 pound ground beef - 3% fat - 1.5 pound packages 




Quarter Beef

  • To be sure you're serving your loved ones 100% grass-fed beef, you need to know the cattle have been free to roam outdoors, grazing away from pesticides, antibiotics, and bio engineered grains their entire lives. 

    The only way to be sure is to get to know your Rancher.

    Cooper Ranch a kindhearted family run ranch specializing in All Natural - 100% Lifetime Free Range - Grass-Fed Beef.

    Our cattle are treated kindly, raised gently and free to roam the open range.

    Cooper Ranch Beef is available locally in Arizona only.