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Raised humanely on the open Arizona mountain range.

To be sure you're serving your loved ones 100% grass-fed beef, you need to know the cattle have been free to roam outdoors, grazing away from pesticides, antibiotics, and bioengineered grains their entire lives. The only way to be sure is to get to know your cattle.

Our cattle are completely free-range and never confined to a feedlot. We provide the most natural life possible, free from the stresses of confinement and overcrowding.  Because we are so remote, there's no chance for any kind of accidental cross-contamination.

Cooper Ranch cattle drink from natural mountain springs and creeks. They graze on a variety of natural grasses that are native to the Arizona mountains. They also graze on oak brush and acorns, cats claw leaves, beans, mesquite tree leaves and red prickly pear apples in late summer. When they are being weaned, or when grass is sparse, they consume stockpiled and stored forages, such as hay.

Along with humane handling and a natural free-range environment for our cattle, it is our mission to provide the highest-quality healing beef for you and your family.

So please. . . be a part of the cure! Only buy humanely raised beef.

No artificial growth hormones
No steroids
No antibiotics
No fillers
No grain
No animal by-products
No chicken litter
No feedlots
No GMOs or GMO feed
No corn
No beta antagonists
No bio-engineered ingredients

“My grandfather, Roy, would be very proud of the high-quality, healing healthy beef we offer today.”

Mary Cooper


The Cooper Ranch is over 100-years-old, and Mary and her daughters are the fourth- and fifth-generations to work the ranch.  Their commitment to the land, to the animals and to the community is evident through the quality of the product the produce and the care they put into providing local residents and guests of the area with only the
highest-quality 100% all-natural beef.


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