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The Amazing Health Benefits of 100% Grass-Fed and Finished Beef

We guarantee our beef is real 100% grass-fed and finished beef. Beef that is grass-fed but finished on grains does not hold the same amazing health benefits. You probably already know grass-fed beef has been shown to have a higher ratio of  omega 3’s to omega 6’s than grain-fed or finished products. It is also higher in lesser-known nutrients such as CLA. 

Animals that graze on grass outdoors naturally have 300 - 400% more of this important nutrient than those fattened or finished on grain and corn in a feedlot. Cattle that begin to eat grains lose their ability to produce this valuable fat.


High in iron, B3, B6, B12, zinc, selenium, and creatine, along with 25 grams of protein in just 3 ounces. Real 100% grass-fed beef is far superior food for you and your family.

6 Benefits of Grass-Feed Beef

More Healthy Fats

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

100 percent grass fed beef cow

Fewer Calories

High in CLA - Potential Cancer Fighter

Higher in Vitamins * Minerals

Safer Option: 

hormone-free and antibiotic-free


The Cooper Ranch is over 100-years-old, Mary and her daughters are the fourth- and fifth-generations to work the ranch.  Their commitment to the land, to the animals and to the community is evident through the quality of the product the produce and the care they put into providing local residents and guests of the area with only the highest-quality 100% all natural beef.


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