Includes 5 pounds of our prime steaks listed below:


  • Tenderloin filet

    Bone in Ribeye steak

    Bone in New York Strip Steak




10 pounds of the following Specialty Steaks, Roasts & Ribs:

  • Flat iron steak 

    Skirt steak (carne asada)

    Flank steak

    Round steak- boneless tenderized

    (cube steak-great for chicken fried steak)

    Chuck Steak

    BBQ ribs 

    Bone in top Sirloin Roast

    Sirloin Tip Roast 



    Tenderized Round Roast

    Tenderized Chuck Roast



15 pounds of ground beef - 3% fat - 1 pound packages

30 pound Premium Cuts Package*

  • Your package may contain different cuts. We do our best to honor requests for certain cuts based on availability.