Package includes:
	Porterhouse steak 1.4-1.6 pounds 
	T-bone steak 3-3.5 pounds
	Sirloin steak 2-3 pounds
	Rib Steak (includes ribeye) 3-4 pounds 
	Cross rib Steak 3.4-4 pounds
	Tri tip 1.7- 2 pounds 
	Tenderized Round Steak 8-9 pounds
	Short ribs 4.8-5.3 pounds
	Ground beef 35 pounds 
	Chuck roast 8-8.50 pounds
	Cross rib roast  3-3.5 pounds

80-pound Package

  • Cooper Ranch Beef is available locally in Arizona only.

    Free Local delivery to Phoenix, Prescott, Wickenburg and surrounding areas on any order over $200.00.

    Weekly or bi-weekly pick-up locations in town.  Pick-up locations for orders under $200.00 or you can pick it up from the ranch on certain days.


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